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Juga is currently working

on her Chess songs Album

and on her

Lecture "The Soul of Chess",

among other

Chess Artistic projects.

Juga is now Ambassador

of Make-A-Wish Foundation

in Chile.

Her Chess song celebrating

40 years of Make-A-Wish



Juga is a singer, songwriter

and Chess Conceptual artist.


In a classical and surrealistic style, 

she mixes her two greatest passions,

convinced that Chess, as Music 

is a Universal Language,

connecting people

no matter origin, culture, gender or age.

Juga has presented her Chess Songs

and Music Videos at many of the top

World Chess venues: 

Altibox Norway Chess, 

World Chess Championship in London,

European Golden Pawn

Awards in Montecarlo,

among others, with media coverage by 

BBC World,

Sky News TV (UK), Diario El Pais (Spain)  Norway TV2, NRK...


Juga's first Chess song

"Oh Capablanca" 

was  warmly received by

Chess community worldwide,

considered by many Chess

pros and fans as the

best Chess Song ever written.

It was performed

at the closing ceremony

of Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018.

At Global Chess Festival

in Budapest, Juga received

the Goodwill Ambassador Award

for Artistic Values of Chess

from Judit Polgar Chess Foundation,

award given also to artist Yoko Ono.

Juga was the Founder of Women's

Chess Championship in her country

Chile, in 2007. 




JUGA studied popular singing since she was 13, and licensed in contemporary music composing at the 

P. Universidad Católica de Chile (2007). Her studies of folk music, italian and german opera,

as well as french chanson gave her a theatrical way of approaching composition.

In 2009, she settled for some years

in Easter Island, Polynesia,

and was deeply influenced by the native rapa nui culture, both artistically and spiritually.

She has released 3 CDs with her own songs, and has created various theatrical shows,

among them Juga di Piaf, where she revisited Édith Piaf´s repertoire, with success in Argentina and Uruguay. 


While she sings, she plays the guitar and the tahitian ukelele. 


After several groups and experimental projects (Juga di Prima y otros Espectros, O Mora, EP Pequeños Frutos),

in 2009 Juga radicates in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) to record her songs at Mata´u Productions Studio, soaking herself with the island´s ancestral nature and culture and giving birth to her first LP called “El Orden de las Cosas” (2010). 

Its daring single "El Orden de las Cosas" achieved good media repercussion.



Juga edits her LP Cada Isla un Tesoro coproduced by Rodrigo Morel and Juga. Together with various artists, actors and dancers they gave life to a Musical show based on these songs, also called "Cada Isla un Tesoro", a fantasy inspired on her experiences living at Easter Island, with presentations in various theaters of Santiago, among them Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM).


The same year she travels again to Easter Island

to begin the project Sesiones Here Pata, collaborating and recording live musical videos with many rapa nui songwriters which mix their culture and language with their rock, reggae and country influences. This project keeps evolving.




Juga creates Juga di Piaf, an intimate and intense Spectacle, in which she mixed her own repertoire with various classical songs from french diva Édith Piaf, reinterpreted in a bluesy polynesian cabaret show.


As a duet, with the pianist/accordeonist  from Chiloé Felipe Bórquez, she was international guest to the musical fair BAFIM at Buenos Aires to present JUGA DI PIAF,  previously presented in Chile in stages like Onaciú, Sala Pro Jazz y Teatro Municipal de San Joaquín. 


Acclaimed by argentinian press, among them Diario “La Nación" and Diario "Página 12", she returns on 2014 to present the same show in various venues of Buenos Aires: Velma Café, the prestigious ND Ateneo theater, and later at the cities Córdoba, Rosario, San Luis, and Montevideo, Uruguay. Also at the “Viví France” festival, organized by french embassy, who supported these shows.

Juga di Piaf was also presented at Easter Island (Vai te Mihi), and Budapest (Palace of Arts).


Juga presents in Buenos Aires, Santiago y Valparaíso her CD Juga Di Prima  2009 – 2013 which collect her most cherished songs of that period, among them “Los Celos (MatuMahatu)” and  “Volveré por Ti” with symbolic video clips.


Those concerts had an intimate mis-en-scène integrating ritual elements from Juga´s imagery mixed with rapa nui culture.

With a rock band with Lapsteel, Cello, Rhodes, Derbake and Ukelele.

2016 Juga participates in Patrimonio del Alma, the theatrical tribute concert to chilean folklore

master and singer Margot Loyola

Juga launches her cd called "Maururu", which means "thank you",  inspired in Easter Island´s native spirit,

with a pop and more electronic aproach.

Produced by the renown producer Tweety Gonzalez from Argentina, and with a great musical team, she launches the cd in big theaters in Buenos Aires, and Córdoba, with shows in Santiago, Chile and Easter Island.


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